1. RICK MOODY, interviewing DEBBIE HARRY on Blondie’s 40th anniversary:

    MOODY: Do you feel like people overly romanticize the CB’s period? Or, when you think back on it, does it seem as worthy of the thrall of romanticism that all of us writers fall into when speaking on the subject?

    HARRY: You’re right about a certain aspect of it—it is overly romanticized. But the results of that period can’t be overly romanticized. It was a very fertile, creative period. Music scenes, they come and they go, whether they’re in New York or Seattle or Liverpool or wherever else. But the results can be fertile.

    Read the rest here.

    More on punk’s 40th anniversary here.

  2. farsizaban:

    Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (1977)

  3. Warhol, Polaroids of Empress Farah Pahlavi (below, 1976) and Princess Ashraf Pahlavi (above, 1977) of Iran.

  4. Warhol’s Maos, on display at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, c. 2011-12. Check out the other great photos of contemporary Iran where I found this one.

  5. thesnugglefactory:

    Merce Cunningham, RainForest, 1968. Decor: Andy Warhol, Silver Clouds

    The piece was later performed at the Shiraz Arts Festival in Iran in 1972. Here’s Cunningham talking about the piece, including what it was like to collaborate with Warhol.

  6. badesaba:

    In 1974, Afghan master musicians at the suggestion of Lloyd Miller appeared in Shiraz during the Shiraz Arts Festival. Lloyd Miller & Dr. Safvat hosted them and arranged for them to be on the program. One of the most exciting pieces was the drum duel between Malang on zerbaghali and Gul Alam on Dhol. The concert was taped by NIRT and a copy was obtained by NIRT affiliated Lloyd Miller and released as a video in 1979.

  7. badesaba:

    David Tudor and John Cage playing at Shiraz Arts Festival in 1971.

  8. asiasociety:

    Excerpt: How Robert Wilson Once Staged a Play in Iran That Lasted 168 Hours

    The legendary theater director describes how he and more than 700 collaborators put on, at Iran’s Shiraz Arts Festival, a production lasting seven days. Asia Society symposium on the Shiraz Arts Festival this Saturday, October 5.

    Read the full story here.

    Wilson once told Warhol that his durational performances were inspired by Warhol’s long-ass films of the 60s.

  9. sebastiankim:

    Farah Pahlavi, Interview Magazine, 2013

    Bob Colacello, returning to the scene of the crime. Farah Pahlavi is as gracious as usual.

  10. pheasants-prerogative:

    A portrait of HIM Farah Pahlavi, Empress of Iran by Andy Warhol.

    Actually, this is Warhol’s Ashraf Pahlavi, Princess of Iran, 1978. She’s Farah’s sister-in-law and the twin sister of the Shah.

    (Source: pheasants-prerogative)